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12.08.04 • more winter color

D70 • f5.6 • 1/200 • ISO 400

While at the bank today, I caught site of this tree's berries from across the parking lot. They were so vibrant against the dull colors of, well, everything else.


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12.08.04 &b000000ll; 8:57pm • djn1

Very nicely done.

12.08.04 &b000000ll; 10:49pm • kyle

Thanks djn1, I appreciate your comments. And that goes for all the rest of you that have been leaving comments recently. I'm not sure how exactly to let people know that I read them and appreciate them, other than these sporadic mass thank-yous. Also, I've been checking out all your photos as well, and leaving occasional comments on photos that I really like. There are SO MANY talented camera buffs out there. Keep it up!

12.09.04 &b000000ll; 2:34pm • wms

Good picture. But those aren't berries. :-) They are crabapples.

And yes, I really am this pedantic.

12.10.04 &b000000ll; 7:37am • Alec Long

Beautiful focus. Such a complex image, yet soothing to look at. Well done, Kyle.