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11.26.04 • iridescence

D70 • f4.5 • 1/320 • ISO 200

Another from the roof of the building where the fall oat grass endures constant winds. Tonights poker game winner, Brian, named this one.


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11.26.04 &b000000ll; 5:10pm • veg

Pretty cool. Is there a gloss on the name? or just a random word? The image, while extra cool, is not iridescent..

11.26.04 &b000000ll; 7:54pm • kyle

Yeah, it was just a word that came to mind. Also, I did find a definition of 'iridescense' that meant 'milky glow', so I went with it. :-)

11.27.04 &b000000ll; 4:41am • Stefano

very simple but very powerfull image, i like monochromatic shot

12.01.04 &b000000ll; 3:54pm • djn1

Wonderfully simple and beautifully effective.