green green grass
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04.21.05 • green green grass

D70 • f/7.1 • 1/500 • ISO 200

As a thunderhead moved in from the east today, this long grass seemed impossible to photograph, and was. This is the one I like the best of the batch.


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04.23.05 &b000000ll; 4:34pm • charles

great sense of motion, and an incredible green!

04.28.05 &b000000ll; 2:41am • reza

it is nice natural texture, it is really a summer

05.02.05 &b000000ll; 1:18am • kristen town

This is a really cool photo.
You can actually see the grass moving

05.03.05 &b000000ll; 9:51am • Alec Long

Actually, I think you did an amazing job with it. I love the sense of movement and the overall monochrome toning. Just like being there!

05.05.05 &b000000ll; 3:55pm • Matt

Great shot. I like the different greens that you've captured.

05.14.05 &b000000ll; 9:35pm • sis

this is yummy!!!!!