guest: garbage train
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03.01.05 • guest: garbage train

D70 • f4 • 1/800 • ISO 200

Another guest today, my friend Mike. You can see more of his photos at http://swamiphoto.homeip.net. In his own words:

This is a garbage train with a smelly load of trash from Seattle heading through the Columbia River Gorge to the landfill at Roosevelt, WA. Photo taken near Bingen, WA, Feb 26, 2005.


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03.03.05 &b000000ll; 4:08am • Ian

Great shot. I really like the water on the left and the deep blue sky. Makes for a perfect frame of the train :)

03.04.05 &b000000ll; 9:22am • paul

Good news to all the Euphorochrome fans: the camera's back in town! This is Paul, here, occasional guest photoblogger and sometimes wiseass, but more importantly, the owner of the Nikon D70 that Kyle puts to such good use. I might have a snap or two from Vermont that he can post, also.

03.09.05 &b000000ll; 1:38am • Angela

Beautiful photography. I like the contrast of nature and technique and the blue of the water and the sky on the left. Very good angle.

03.09.05 &b000000ll; 8:04am • miles

garbage train? It's awfully attractive for a garbage train! I love the endless sense of length.

03.09.05 &b000000ll; 9:19am • btezra

~nice bright natural light, and the color 'pops'...the detaill is well noted~

03.11.05 &b000000ll; 5:51pm • ViSuaLLyMiNDeD

wow! excellent colors and what a wonderful perspective - looks endless and all those lines converge in the distance! great shot!